Outdoor Advertising, well combined with other formats such as digital, print and electronic helps boost the Return On Investments.

(source : Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.)

The return of investments do vary according to the industry but holds the most considerable impact on buyers purchasing behaviour. With three components rightly placed in an outdoor advertising –Appropriate location, Right Message and a digital trail across other mediums, the results are highly effective.


The unit of measure for outdoor advertising is Daily Effective Circulation (DEC). This number represents the number of vehicles that pass by the hoarding as well as the number of pedestrians. The initial planning ensures that the placement of the advertisement is at a place where it generates maximum attention and the messaging supports the objective of the communication. We do help conduct DEC completely based upon the requirements of the customers.

Various modes of DEC that we do effectively:

  1. Personal surveys
  2. Online coupons/ Surveys
  3. Web based engagement tools – Quizzes, contests and others